3600 Calorie Emergency Ration Bar
3600 Calorie Emergency Ration Bar

3600 Calorie Emergency Ration Bar

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The 3600 Calorie Emergency Food Bar is made with the purest of ingredients and manufactured under the strictest of conditions. They are scientifically engineered to provide the optimal balance of moisture, salt, carbohydrate, protein, and fat for survival victims and are certified by the U.S. Coast Guard to remain fresh for up to 5 years even when exposed to extreme temperatures.  Store a minimum 3-day supply of emergency food in your home, vehicle, or office.  These bars are safe to store outside and will not spoil when left in a hot or cold vehicle.  Keep in mind that canned goods often have expiration dates of less than 5 years. 

Approved by the United States Coast Guard and Department of Homeland Security.

3-day Food Supply
- Each 765 gram survival food bar packet contains 9 individual 410-calorie emergency food rations, for a total of 3,690 calories (15,499 kj.).
- Recommended consumption is 3 rations per day/person.
- Up to 5-year shelf life certified by the U.S. Coast Guard.
- Withstands extreme conditions and temperatures (-6°C to 65°C).
- Non-thirst provoking formula – no water required for consumption.
- Bars crumble easily and may be mixed with water to form a paste for younger children or adults with dental issues.
- Pleasant lemon-vanilla flavour.
- Formulated with an optimal balance of nutrients - Enriched with FDA recommended vitamins & minerals.
- No trans fats, cholesterol, coconut, or nuts.

Reliable Food Source
- Contain no cholesterol, coconut, or nuts.
- U.S. Coast Guard-approved hermetic sealing process utilises corrosion-resistant material that meets the MIL-131 Barrier Materials Standards ensuring the freshness of your food supply for up to 5 years.
- Formulated with the optimum combination of moisture, salt, carbohydrate, protein, and fat

- Unlike many "Meals-Ready-to-Eat", these do not require water and take up less storage space.
- Packaging features a re-sealable pouch to help maintain freshness.
- Contains 9 individual, pre-measured rations – serving size equals 3 rations/day.
- Ready-to-use.

Everything you need

To survive during a civil defence emergency. Rations, first aid, warmth.



The Survival Co. was founded in New Zealand to help fellow Kiwis prepare. Our kits either meet or exceed Civil Defence guidelines and our signature kit is water resistant.

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