Comprehensive Survival Kit - Total Replenishment Kit

Comprehensive Survival Kit - Total Replenishment Kit

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To ensure that your survival kit remains fully equipped and ready to serve you in times of need, The Survival Co. offers the Total Replenishment Kit. This kit is designed to replace essential items that may be nearing their expiration date if you have owned your Survival Kit for more than two years.

The Total Replenishment Kit includes the following survival essentials:

  1. 3600 Calorie ER Bar: This high-calorie food bar provides a concentrated source of energy to sustain you during emergencies.

  2. Aquatabs - Water Purifying Tablets: These tablets are designed to purify water, making it safe for consumption by killing harmful bacteria and viruses.

  3. First Aid Kit: The replenishment kit includes a comprehensive first aid kit, ensuring that you have access to essential medical supplies in case of injuries or medical emergencies.

  4. Wet Wipes: These wipes offer a convenient way to maintain hygiene and cleanliness during challenging situations.

  5. Hand Sanitiser: The replenishment kit includes hand sanitiser, which is crucial for maintaining proper hand hygiene and preventing the spread of germs.

By replenishing these key items in your survival kit, you can be confident that your essential supplies are in their best condition and ready to assist you during uncertain circumstances. It is essential to stay prepared and ensure that your survival essentials are up to date, providing you with the peace of mind that you are well-equipped to face any emergency.

Everything you need

To survive during a civil defence emergency. Rations, first aid, warmth.



The Survival Co. was founded in New Zealand to help fellow Kiwis prepare. Our kits either meet or exceed Civil Defence guidelines and our signature kit is water resistant.

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