1 Person Survival Kit

1 Person Survival Kit

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Our one-person emergency survival kit from The Survival Co. is designed to provide everything you would typically find in our one-person grab bag, with the added advantage of accommodating one individual for a duration of three days. This means that the kit includes ample rations to sustain one person during this period. Additionally, we have also included sufficient equipment and tooling to cater to their needs, ensuring their comfort and protection in challenging conditions.

The 1 Person Survival Kit contains:

Carry option
1 x water-resistant bag 
Food and water
1 x 3600-calorie emergency ration bar (with/without)
1 x 10-litre water containers
10 x Aquatabs (up to 150 litres of safe water)
Health and first aid
1 x first aid kit (51 pieces)
Warmth, lighting, and shelter
1 x torches
1 x thermal blankets
1 x rain ponchos
1 x matches pack
1 x light stick
Hygiene and sanitation
1 x wet wipes pack
1 x personal tissues pack
1 x biohazard bags
1 x tampons pack
1 x hand sanitiser
1 x AM/FM radio
1 x paracord bracelets (high-tensile cord and flint)
1 x whistle
1 x pair safety gloves
1 x notebook and pen
1 x playing cards

The range of emergency survival kits offered by The Survival Co. has been custom-designed to specifically address the unique conditions and requirements of New Zealand. These kits are crafted to not only meet but also exceed the guidelines set by the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management. With a steadfast commitment to preparedness, The Survival Co. aims to ensure that our kits are tailored to effectively tackle the challenges posed by emergencies in New Zealand, providing individuals with the utmost confidence and peace of mind.

Everything you need

To survive during a civil defence emergency. Rations, first aid, warmth.



The Survival Co. was founded in New Zealand to help fellow Kiwis prepare. Our kits either meet or exceed Civil Defence guidelines and our signature kit is water resistant.

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